Technological Solutions For Modern And Contemporary Kitchens

Barazza products boast advanced aesthetics without losing sight of the need for ease and manageability within kitchen, briefly speaking, ergonomics.



A flame that goes straight up. A clear-cut design. Where sustainability and energy saving meet beauty. A fusion of intents giving rise to a new direction in the kitchen. Steel thicker than ever, its qualities like none before. Less is more, reduced to the essence. A new substance takes shape combining practicality with aesthetic simplicity.

The special design of the Flat Eco-design burners generates a vertical flame, to give more efficiency, reduced consumption, less heat dispersion, and evenly cooked food. The 4mm extraordinary hob allows professional quality results.

Please note not all products come in the following finishes, for further information please enquire.

Lab Evolution

Modularity and flexibility merge with a pure and essential style that runs the length of the surface, perfectly in line with the worktop. The strong personality of Lab is taken to a new level with the Lab Evolution hobs: wider depth, Flat Eco-Design burners and pan supports in Soft-Touch cast iron.

The design has evolved, bringing everything closer to the worktop surface. The burners, controlled by the stylish flat knobs, stand out like brightly burning suns. The Soft-Touch cast iron pan supports are pleasant to the touch, more resistant and offer the great advantage of being dishwasher safe.

When design is geared to functionality, the result is ‘illuminating’. The special range of Flat Eco-Design burners produces a vertical flame, offering greater efficiency, less heat loss and uniform cooking. When the burners are arranged in a line, the volumes take on new geometries and the improved ergonomics make it easier to handle pans during cooking.