With Siemens combi-steam ovens and steamers you can cook gently and naturally. Cooking with hot steam lets foods retain their flavours, vitamins and minerals, and appearance.

It’s practical too – people who want to eat right but don’t have a lot of time to cook can freshen up pre-prepared dishes easily with Siemens combi-steam ovens and steamers. Vegetables warm up quickly with steam, while staying crispy and delicious.

Siemens combi-steam ovens and steamers are available as built-in units for tall cupboards, and fit well with your kitchen. Their clean lines and quality materials also make a pleasing visual statement.



Perfection just as you like it

Success guaranteed: fast and even distribution of steam in the cabinet and around cooking containers.

Installation – Steam ovens

Miele steam ovens can be integrated into the kitchen design in multiple ways. With its compact size – 50 or 60 cm wide depending on model – it fits perfectly into standard cabinet housing units allowing you to choose where you want to place it in your kitchen.

Countertop steam oven

If there is not enough space for another built-in appliance in your kitchen, you do not have to forego the benefits of a steam oven. The Miele countertop steam oven sits perfectly on the kitchen worktop. Just like the built-in version, this appliance guarantees user convenience and a wide range of applications.


Vario steamer 400 series

VK 414 110

Stainless steel
Width 38 cm


  • Exact water temperature control from 45 °C to 95 °C
  • Cooking on two levels, without flavour transfer
  • Solid stainless steel control knob
  • Precision crafting of 3 mm stainless steel
  • For surface installation with a visible edge or for flush installation
  • Can be combined perfectly with other Vario appliances of the 400 series


  • Steam cooking level with electronic steam control for pressureless cooking.
  • Automatic boiling point detection.
  • Motor-driven 1/2” water drain valve.