Unique And Distinctive Style For Bathroom Furnishings

unique and distinctive style for bathroom furnishings: fine materials, exclusive design and a very strong character. All the Icone collections are striking and create a design path in the bathroom but also in the adjacent rooms.



The DES collection offers a transversal furnishing system, capable of making the bathroom dialogue with other rooms in the house, thanks to solutions and accessories, such as sideboards, lamps, valet stands and tables, successfully harmonising multiple environments. A modern aesthetic with several retro details, customisable in the finishes of the framed fronts, available in wood, material coverings, fabric, or wallpaper. The black metal rod is a distinctive sign that we find in the details of mirrors, shelves, accessories, and lamps. DES effortlessly enhances classic and modern settings, combining its aesthetics with the functionality of the furnishings, as in the case of the round cabinet mirror or the accessories for screens or valet stands.


In the Free bathroom, everything revolves around the Smart basin: an exclusive and strongly characterising piece of furniture, in which strong modernity and vintage references are mixed. The compositional freedom that surrounds it is expressed in complements and accessories in which the particularity of solid wood and copper or black coloured metal tips for the feet and multi-purpose ash bars make the bathroom environment unique. A minimalism with a vintage flavour and with some new industrial details, ideal in terms of practicality and essentiality. The Free collection allows a high level of compositional freedom, in which to bring together past and present and to express all your elegance even in the bathroom.