Elegant And Extremely Functional Bathroom

Cerasa designs and manufactures its bathroom furniture and all accessories and complements following the highest standards of excellence. Creativity and design are dressed in the value and safety that only the most advanced materials and innovative manufacturing processes can guarantee.


Inspiration 1

Hanging bathroom furniture with matt Deimos Bianco top and integrated wash tub with laundry washboard. The drawers can be equipped with dividers. Cabinet mirror with open compartment and LED lighting. Hinged doors for the columns that can be organised to hold cleaning tools, large appliances, shoes, or linen. Grigio Minerale laminate finish.

Inspiration 2

Fusion laminate for the hanging base unit with doors and open elements on the floor and storage units for variable depth washing machines. Retractable doors available for the washing machine unit. Glossy Ocritec Bianco top with integrated basin complete with washboard for coordinated laundry. Cabinet mirror with flap door and convenient integrated hanger for small laundry. Doors that can be accessorised with plexiglass trays and hair-dryer holder.

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