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Water Therapy Treatments

Awareness of the effect of water is also the starting point for product development at Dornbracht. What drives them is the vision that every bathroom has the potential to be a LifeSpa.


Kneipp Modules – Naturally Healthy Through Water

Sanus per Aquam (SPA) – health through water. The positive effects of the element of water for body, mind and soul are many and varied. They have become well-established in traditional Kneipp treatments to improve the health and well-being of an individual over the long term. The different Kneipp applications range from affusions to washing to baths and foot baths. Deliberate changes in temperature – hot, alternately hot, and cold, or cold – have either a calming, relaxing or stimulating effect.
It is not difficult to be able to benefit from the health-enhancing effects of Kneipp applications in your own bathroom either. It is easy to enjoy Kneipp affusions in the shower or at the washstand, for instance, with a Kneipp affusion pipe. Regularly applied, they can help to bring more balance to everyday life: recharging the batteries, reducing stress and reviving.
Various applications lend themselves to Kneippism at home, as they are easily carried out and can be integrated into your daily routine – for example, a revitalising arm affusion in the morning, a relaxing thigh affusion after a demanding day, or a skin-firming facial affusion for a boost of freshness in between times.

Massage Modules – Targeted Hydromassage Through Water Pressure

The Intense Massage Flow was deliberately devised to make it possible to experience the positive effect of Aqua pressure (water massage) at home. Special massage jets specifically stimulate the body’s meridians and selected pressure points.

Intense massage flows provide either a powerful neck massage (Water Curve), or a deeply massaging back shower in the thoracic vertebrae (Vertical Water Fan) or lumbar vertebrae (Horizontal Water Fan) region. The daily shower can be easily and time-efficiently combined with a therapeutic application to relax the back, neck, and shoulders.

The soft, huge raindrops of the Soft Massage Flow ensure a gentle massage. With this flow mode, the water is either directed at the back (Water Bar) or onto the skin from the side (Water Point). In a massage shower for the home, both a body spray and a side spray are ideal for relaxing the back.