Continuously renewing a little drop of magic

The company and Fantini family have always been deeply rooted in Pella, on the shores of the Orta Lake. In this small, very special town, water is a leading player and products are created here for daily life to bring water into our homes, .



Nice, the joyful form of water, cheerful, transparent and coloured. A tribute to the essence of water and its pure and precious beauty. An elegant and sophisticated project with sensual lines.

Designed by: M. Thun – A. Rodriguez

Fontane Bianche

The project came about from research into archetypal forms translated into pure geometry and reinterpreted in a contemporary vein. A metaphor for the relationship between psyche and material, the dialogue between circle and square runs through the entire collection: the washbasin is a square marble block from which a hemisphere is extracted; the hemisphere becomes a bowl on a rectangular plane, slim as a sheet, the radii of the sphere become the taps. The richness of the materials, marble and stone for the washbasins and Matt Gun Metal PVD finish for the taps, embellishes the purity of the forms. The collection takes its name from a locality with white sands in Sicily, near to Syracuse, so-called on account of the numerous natural freshwater fountains gushing out into the sea.

Designed by: Elisa Ossino