a new style of living: a “design to be experienced”

Gessi’s “Made in Italy” bathroom products and accessories are manufactured in harmony with the utmost respect for the environment and the user, creating a new awareness and appreciation of bathroom design.


Gessi 316

The creativity and the style Gessi has known instill in the steel a perceptibility totally new, giving to a material usually technical and “cold”, an inedited warmth, a furniture capability special.

Gessi in fact has made rich the body of tap with aesthetic and decorative, as texture and pattern with different themes for different taste, handles and differentiable bar, charme finishes and a contemporaneous and innovative system of modular sink.


When Water Puts On A Show: Aesthetic, Quality And Cutting-Edge Functions.

Gessi carries on in renovating its creativity approach thanks to its design research and test.

The new thermostatic bottom mixers (built in and external) of the Hi-Fi collection are certainly lifestyle objects and utmost design icons: another example of how channeling the wellness through the aesthetics and beauty.

Gessi Hi-Fi hands over the characteristics and essence of the sound system to the functions and flowrate device system as well as the shower thermostatic mixer, creating a refined decoration object based on minimalism and functionality.

Hi-Fi can be combined with all different styles of the contemporary bathroom; it embodies a futuristic design that recalls the style of the 90s: squared shapes and strong details amplified by an exclusive innovative technology.