Sensible and Sensuous

Making a difference is what the product developments are all about. The difference can be found in the functionality. Or in the product design. Or better yet, in both – paired with excellent KEUCO quality.


Edition 90 – Circle Meets Square

The design concept is uncompromisingly reflected in the overall appearance of the chrome-plated fittings. A monolithic appearance and the optical one-piece design unmistakably focus on the character of maximum exclusivity.

MeTime Spa – Design And Comfort Harmoniously Combine

Available in variety of sizes, MeTime_Spa integrates control elements and generous shelf space in a uniquely stylish way.

Comfort and sensation are at the forefront of this completely new kind of shower solution. In a way that is as elegant as it is innovative, the multifunctional concealed MeTime_Spa thermostat combines everything you need for an extraordinary shower adventure. Relaxation is pre-programmed.