Keuco Furniture Product Range

Sensible and Sensuous

Making a difference is what the product developments are all about. The difference can be found in the functionality. Or in the product design. Or better yet, in both – paired with excellent KEUCO quality.


Edition 11 – A Clear Case Of Beauty

Expansive lines impart an extraordinary magnanimity to EDITION 11. With its softly rounded character, the washbasin is available in Varicor® and ceramic.

Varicor® is composed of natural mineral components. It is robust, hygienic and has a silky-matte lustre. On the right, in comparison, the glossy ceramic model.
Edition 11 captivates with its lightweight character, gentle beauty, and uncompromising quality. Innovative functionality maximises the convenience, providing notable added value, putting your bathroom in a class of its own, and paying for itself many times over.


Circle meets square: Edition 90 from KEUCO merges the round with the square in an opulent symphony of form, marked by a conscious use of materials. The clarity of the design language found in the 90 degree angle is reflected consistently throughout the entire collection of bathroom elements – from fittings and accessories to washbasin, furniture and light mirrors.