Milldue Noorth Furniture

Noorth is synonymous with freshness and simplicity

Noorth is a new brand, which relies on the invaluable, long-standing experience of Milldue, a company active in the bathroom furnishing sector since 1976.


Fjord Collection

Achieving new aesthetic and functional standards, ensuring design flexibility and ease of assembly: these are the objectives of the Fjord project. A high-performance modular system based on a metal structure flanked by a series of wood containers, open compartments, chests of drawers, shelves, washbasin tops, mirrors, and equipped shelves. A series of components enriched by a coordinated set of exclusive finishes, from metals to stones, from glasses to essences to lacquers, which allows the definition of new aesthetic solutions.


A monolithic washbasin with a minimal aesthetic able to give identity and personality even to small spaces. Touch amazes for the extreme compactness that hides an extraordinary functionality but also for the wide variety of finishes that embellish its surfaces: from lacquering to natural essences, up to clays. A proposal with a contemporary imprint, with a strong sculptural value accentuated by the combination with mirrors equipped with integrated LED lighting.