Noorth is synonymous with freshness and simplicity.

Noorth is a new brand, which relies on the invaluable, long-standing experience of Milldue, a company active in the bathroom furnishing sector since 1976.



The historical Majestic collection provides a sophisticated and exclusive interpretation of the bathroom environment, dictated by elegant formal solutions. A line characterised by the aesthetic appeal of glass, with fine details and soft and enveloping shapes. A practical bathroom environment full of charm, inspired by a contemporary vision which is nevertheless still strongly linked to tradition, in which fine details and delicate decorative touches help create elegant and timeless atmospheres. An iconic element of the Majestic collection, the metal foot now has a more sinuous design that matches the handle featuring a light and delicate design.

Another new feature of the collection is the precious velvet wall covering panels matched with the glass: a unique solution included in the extensive collection of samples of the available finishes.


A proposal that reinterprets the aesthetics of the Japanese bathroom, a dimension of great evocative charm in which the main source of inspiration is nature. Thus the sides of the sinks and the tub, like a drop of water falling, evolve from the circularity of the upper part to the square of the bases. While the tabletops of the tub resemble pebbles polished by water, the stools are essential volumes like rocks in a Zen garden. Fluid forms, simple only in appearance and always up to date because they are inspired by a timeless language.

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