REINA adds excitement to the world of heating

The REINA range of designer models are sure to encompass the perfect design for you, no matter what shape, style, or size you are looking for and we will continue to remain at the forefront of designer radiators and towel rails.



The Reina Dimaro is a bold option thanks to its innovative and unique design, a statement piece for any room in the home. The Reina Dimaro Designer Radiator is one of the most beautiful designs available on the market today, with sculpted bars flowing in front of each other creating a waved effect.


The Lovere is from Reina’s stunning collection of stainless-steel radiators. It is a delightful piece of art for your wall with its beautiful flat rectangular bars that can be mounted to the left- or right-hand side. The Reina Lovere will bring a touch of class to any bathroom.