Samuel Heath

dedicated to the creation of highly desirable taps

Our collections draw upon British design talent for a sense of uniqueness, distinction and elegance. Each of our products are formed from the finest solid brass, assembled and hand-finished.


Landmark Industrial Taps

Much of what is now regarded as contemporary design is rooted in Bauhaus. Landmark Industrial is faithful to the rational functionalism redolent of Bauhaus and a modern interpretation of the values and style of the designs it pioneered.

Landmark Pure

Landmark Pure has overtones of the original Bauhaus aesthetic and builds on the foundations of our Fairfield and Style Moderne Collections, both of which were inspired by dynamic and hugely influential periods in our cultural and industrial heritage.

Landmark Pure does not attempt to be a faithful reproduction of the products of Bauhaus, rather it utilises a design language that evokes the ethos of the period in an authentic manner.

By size and proportion, it displays and celebrates elements of its functionality achieved through a harmony of materials, finishes and exquisite detailing. Pure is neutral and balanced with concise and direct lines.