Alex Turco

To live art as it has never been lived until now

A perfectly balanced mix of beautiful photography and multimedia graphics coupled with hand processed materials make Alex’s work an artistic breakthough bringing to life an elegant art form.


Oriental Tales

The frontier of art applied to the interior design world.

Unlike most works of art that can typically be displayed only in rooms with optimal environments, the Alex Turco Decorative Art Panels have the versatility of being exhibited and appreciated in any location, including wet areas and outside walls.

The graphic images are laser printed and hand processed on Composite Aluminium, Pure Aluminium and Backlit Art Panels with several coats of water-resistant epoxy resins, bringing to life an elegant and unique art form.

Each panel is custom made accordingly, the size, pattern, colour, and finishes can be arranged to create the perfect artwork for any environment and request. Among the main features, the possibility to choose between a flat, brush strokes, bubbles, or minerals finish, and between a glossy or a matt surface.


Underwater is a collection by Alex Turco. Inspired by what lies beneath, focusing in on the ‘poison’ of the mysterious jelly fish and the effect of how water acts, showcasing art in a new and innovative way. All Alex Turco pieces are, fully customize-able and made to order to meet your creative needs.