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Essentials Travellers

When Decorating, It Is Essential To Start With The Essentials

A surprising mix of designs and motifs takes you on a magical journey around the world. From the dreamy bohemian vibe on the Balearic beaches to the mysterious African jungle.

The pure hues and materials are inspired by natural materials such as rattan and tropical plants. Authentic weaving techniques including macramé and wickerwork form the basis of this collection. The result is a vintage touch and a glamorous twist: authentic meets chic.


Mystique c’est chic. Velvet and velour are different names for the same mysterious and warm fabric. The rich fabrics of rib velvet, lush botanical prints and sophisticated weaving techniques make Lush a very detailed and luxurious collection. The cool metal accents combine perfectly with the soft, velvet fabrics and complete the look.