Modern Kitchen Sink And Taps

Drnbracht’s kitchen sinks and taps are characterized by precise contours and unique finishes evident of high-quality workmanship and attention to detail.



Sync is a premium fitting that features a dynamic, front-facing design language that literally comes towards the user. The tapered transition between the body and the spout – and the inner contour of the groove-free lever running parallel to it – are characteristic of the design. The tapered shape of the body of the fitting also continues in the trapezoidal profile of the lever. A design variant of Sync, with a circular spout, is also available.

With Sync, Dornbracht presents a kitchen fitting with a downward extending element: a pull-down single-lever mixer. The dynamic, forward facing design of Sync literally comes towards the user, allowing the product to be used comfortably.

With its dynamic design, Sync ties in with the iconic Dornbracht design and thus combines high-quality aesthetics with first-class functionality – down to the last detail. The pull-down single-lever mixer enlarges the action radius at kitchen sink and makes daily work in the kitchen even more comfortable. The high spout, the wide projection of the kitchen fitting and the 360-degree swivel radius provide additional room.


LOT is sculptural in appearance. A highly architectonic fitting with an ultra flat, one-piece spout. It is focused on its function, drawing itself back – and that is exactly what makes it so striking. When combined with the platinum matt finish, its character oscillates between the severity of the form and the warmth of the material. LOT allows you to set specific emphasis in a minimalist ambience. Uncompromising pared down in form, yet still satisfyingly functional.