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Luxury, Elegance, Design

Contemporary style, sought metals and precious woods conquer the scene making it welcoming and pleasant to live and share.

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Designed to allow for expansion or reconfiguration at any time, the Modulo system adapts to spaces of different sizes and transforms its storage capacity. The wide range of customizations using compatible accessories such as Win-O, Libreria del Vino, shelves, cup holders and containers, and the numerous materials that diversify the finishes, fully satisfy the most varied requirements. Modulo is a simple system, equipped with removable panels and adjustable doors. Multifaceted and versatile, it is also suitable for public spaces.


Bold and elegant, this table features a massive top crafted of suar, a prized wood that boasts a stunning ribbon-like pattern of shades of colours and a unique coarse texture, or oak. The heavy base in laser-cut metal has a sleek, pentagon shape that offers an intriguing look when viewed from different angles. The purity of the shapes and the combination of textures are a testament to skilled craftsmanship and authentic, timeless elegance.