200 Series

The difference is…

At every stage of their appliances’ production, a craftsperson examines their work using hand and eye, seeking imperfections. This constant quality control protects an exceptional reputation built by hand, since 1683.



A matter of taste

A more subdued aesthetic defines the 200 series: It sits flush to the surface, its handles match those of your refrigerators 200 series, it does not dominate, yet it promises all the culinary prowess that the ambitious private chef could hope for. The ovens also utilise the distinctive solid stainless-steel control knobs and TFT display. From here you control up to 13 heating methods, up to 300 °C and the baking stone ability, for baking as intense as a brick oven. Home Connect enables remote control and diagnosis and is available in most appliances. Every oven 200 series, combi-steam and combi microwave are available in three colours: Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic and Silver.

• Sits flush to the surface
• Ovens also utilise the distinctive solid stainless-steel control knobs and TFT display
• 13 heating methods
• Home Connect enables remote control
• Core temperature probe with estimation of cooking time
• Side-opening door opens up to 110° angle
• H.595 x W.590 x D.547mm


Professional demands, private space

With controls conveniently situated on the appliance the cooktops 200 series offers the private chef a concentrated area to create the extraordinary. The cooktops range from 28 cm to 90 cm, in flush- or surface-mounted, gas, flex induction or glass ceramic. Each one designed to perform exceptionally, to professional standards. Some of the 200 series cooktops even have a magnetic Twist-Pad that is simply removed from sight when not in use. Tailor your cooktop to your ideal culinary scenario by seamlessly joining our modular options from the Vario cooktops 200 series.
• Flex induction
• Flex induction with integrated ventilation system
• Gas
• Vario Cooktops
• Ceramic Cooktops