400 Series

The difference is…

At every stage of their appliances’ production, a craftsperson examines their work using hand and eye, seeking imperfections. This constant quality control protects an exceptional reputation built by hand, since 1683.



Cook with intense heat, without feeling it
• Handleless door that sits proud of the surface
• Four layers of glass ensure a cool door regardless of internal temperature, even during 485°C
• Stainless steel rotary knobs provide intuitive control over the TFT display
• 17 heating methods, including Core Temperature Probe, Rotisserie Spit, and Baking Stone function
• Core temperature probe measures the temperature inside your dish to within one degree of accuracy
• Home Connect enables remote control
• Core temperature probe with estimation of cooking time
• Side-opening door opens up to 180° angle.
• H.595 x W.590 x D.547mm (On selected items)
• H.670 x W.752 x D.547mm (On selected items)


A surface made of luxury and need

The creative process of cooking demands heating methods that, at the very least, enable. Designed for the spacious kitchen, imposing in scale and impressive in performance, the 400 series cooktops ranges from 38 cm to one metre. The cooktops offer as much as 3200 cm2 of full surface touch-controlled induction surface, flex induction with downdraft ventilation or a full meter of gas. The modular Vario cooktops options can extend even further, with multiple cooktops connecting as one, expansive, cohesive, bespoke workspace. Include specialist appliances and add Teppan Yaki or grilling to your repertoire.

Solid stainless-steel illuminated controls show which cooking zone is in use or cooling down and can be easily installed on the front – to hand, without distracting the eye, just as in the professional kitchen. Many cooktops offer surface or flush mounting in any favoured configuration; with either a 3 mm visible frame or sitting level, embedded in a countertop. The choice is yours.
• Full surface induction
• Flex induction with integrated ventilation system
• Gas
• Vario Cooktops