A New Style Of Living: A “Design To Be Experienced”

Gessi’s “Made in Italy” products and accessories are manufactured in harmony with the utmost respect for the environment and the user, creating a new awareness and appreciation of the design.



For A Better Life

With a decisive contemporary cut and slender shape, the stainless-steel braided hose of Mesh makes an unprecedented and playfully kitchen tap. It is a plucky expression of creative, refined design and unmistakable style.

Officine Gessi

Gessi experiments new styles for design that consist in a “translation” in the private space of instruments that are either professional or inspired by other environments. Thanks to these instruments, the kitchen becomes a laboratory with a high content of technology and design.

The Officine collection gives to this style a brand new character, with a provocative “mechanical aesthetics” according to which the evocative shapes of the typical industrial tools, such as keys and bolts, become an integral and strongly distinctive part of the product. “Unfinished” surfaces and “rough” tones complete and reinforce this mood of reference, recalling the typical treatments used for tools and their natural wearing-out.