Handmade English Kitchen

Handmade English Kitchen

The evolution of the modern kitchen as the focus, the centre, the very heart of life in the home has brought exciting innovations in style, materials, and functionality.


Shoreditch – Eclectic Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen is the nod to eclectic, industrial kitchen design. Available with or without a bead detail on the frame, the slab door and use of wired glass introduces a raw and urban edge. Stripped back and purposefully lacking the polished feel of classic styles, the kitchen is eclectic and unapologetically industrial. Paired with aged metal hardware and a mix of timber or stone worktops, the proportions of the kitchen make it particularly well suited to townhouses, loft apartments and smaller rooms. Whether your kitchen is a space for family, the enjoyment of cooking or simply for the pleasure of being, this kitchen achieves all.

Mayland – Contemporary Hand-Painted Kitchen

The kitchen has uncomplicated lines and a timeless feel with an overarching contemporary style. This kitchen has the same commitment to simplistic, understated kitchen design, honouring the beauty of classic shaker style. However, the kitchen applies this in a more contemporary way, moving away from the classic design, it introduces cooler colourwaysand contrasting metallic accents for impact. The kitchen retains the enduring beauty, but in a format more suited to twenty-first century interior design.