Italian Kitchen

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Ambra Atelier

Design that tells the story of the ‘material’ and beating heart of a big city. This kitchen combines 36° cut doors with an aluminium edge, inserted inside the trunk to create the opening. The slight curve, which characterizes the upper part of the door, is pleasant to the touch and improves the ergonomics of this solution.

The kitchen has a shared space: It consists of wine storage and incorporated American style refrigerator, along with double ovens make for a professional space, open to any kind of culinary experimentation.

Doors in lacquered version with bevelled edge, in titanium antique brushed metal effect finish, paired with smoked heat-treated oak wood door. Version with horizontal groove and band. Brushed steel countertop (12mm thick), with snack counter in the same oak wood as the door. The collection allows you to choose among various combinations of colours and finishes.

Steel surface, thick marble counter and a snack counter in heat treated oak. On the bottom there is a modular wainscoting system in aluminium: every single element is designed to offer style and functionality.

Signum Onda

Created to exalt the poetry of two non-architectural elements: space and light. Its concept is brightening sensuous, constant, soft and essential lines.

This kitchen is distinguished by the doors and its opening, which return in the style of its surroundings: light, discreet, and elegant.

Shiny lacquered columns and cabinets in cement finish, where the focal points are the volume of wooden details, the shelves and inserts done in a knotted wood finish.

Doors in lacquered finish with tarnished steel finish paired with Ecomalta doors. Countertop in brushed solid thin steel, with overlapping snack insert in the same finish as the column doors. A cupboard enriches the collection with a bevelled Ecomalta door in the prestigious white drapery finish. You can customize your collection through colours, finishes and whichever wood you prefer.

The choice of exclusive and sustainable materials best guarantees a space that offers comfort and wellbeing.