Innovative And Dramatic Directions

With innovative designs and an enduring colour palette, Corian ®  will make all your design
aspirations come true



Translucent solid surface has been around for years. However, the advances in LED lighting panels and strips and their application have meant backlighting Corian has taken on a new lease of life in recent years.

A range of translucent colour options that reveal the full radiance and depth of Corian when exposed to light. Transform light into a tangible element to shape and mould. Just imagine what you can do with the combination of light and the unique thermoformable properties of Corian solid surface.

Wireless Charging

Every colour and pattern of the stylish, durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean DuPont Corian solid surfaces can now be outfitted to charge your smartphones and tables wirelessly.

On the outside, stylish, and seamless Corian solid surface, but underneath hidden from view is a transmitter that powers up smartphones and tablets wirelessly. The convenience of eliminating cords adds convenience and simplicity to a busy lifestyle.

Energy is transferred safely from below the Corian® surface, to a smart device charging stops when your battery is full.