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With Home Connect, BSH offers a cross-brand platform as the basis for a rapidly growing ecosystem of connected home appliances and consumer-centric services for a special future experience in the kitchen.


Built-in Ovens

Siemens built-in ovens are a pleasure right from the kitchen-planning phase. They are not only versatile, but their distinctive Siemens high-end design makes a strong visual statement. Each model is designed to harmonize with all other Siemens models for an ultra-modern look. Because they are installed independently of the cooktop, they can fit into a 60 cm-high niche under the work surface or in a tall unit.

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Freestanding Bottom Fridge Freezers

Innovative Siemens fridge-freezers ensure your storage and preparation of food is of the highest quality. While your fridge looks after fresh groceries, Siemens technology in freestanding bottom freezers means ice does not form on the inside. In appliances with noFrost technology, an innovative air circulation system removes excess moisture, keeping optimal humidity and the bottom fridge freezers frost free.

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